Announcing Keep Craft – the mobile version!

Announcing Keep Craft – the mobile version!

We at ZuQuini are pleased to finally share the work we’ve been doing on the mobile version of Keep Craft! For those not familiar with the game, Keep Craft is a resource management and civilization building game that initially found popularity on the /r/incremental_games subreddit and quickly developed a dedicated following.
It caught our attention as a well-designed game that would work perfectly on a mobile phone, and after chatting with its creator, Morpheox, we decided to work with him to port it to mobile.

Many aspects of porting the game to mobile, such as re-designing the interface and creating evocative art that holds true to the spirit of the original game, were not easy, and these are topics that we will be exploring in this developer blog over the next few weeks. Make sure to keep an eye on this blog if you are interested in hearing more! Our first feature will be an interview with the creator of Keep Craft, Ernesto “Morpheox” Mayoral.

Also, if you are interested in staying up to date with the development process and release date, make sure to enter your contact information on our main site and follow our Facebook page.

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