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ICVR Receives Epic MegaGrant for Project Lightfall

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August 22, 2023

Los Angeles, CA - ICVR, a Los Angeles-based company, is thrilled to share the exciting news of being selected as a recipient of a prestigious MegaGrant from Epic Games for its visionary animated virtual production project, Lightfall.

Bringing together the power of Unreal Engine 5 and ICTools' state-of-the-art real-time production pipeline, Lightfall is a captivating full-CG short film. This cinematic masterpiece narrates the enchanting odyssey of a primitive candlemaker, embarking on a magical journey of enlightenment upon the discovery of extraordinary artificial light technology.  

Sinan AlRubaye, Chief Experience Officer at ICVR, expressed his gratitude, stating:

"We are truly humbled by the recognition bestowed upon Lightfall through the Epic MegaGrants program. With the substantial support from this program and our unwavering commitment to advancing the animation realm, we are dedicated to crafting indispensable tools that empower creators to deliver truly revolutionary content."

Throughout the creation of Lightfall, ICVR remained steadfast in their pursuit of inventive methodologies, striving to streamline workflows with automation and intending to share their valuable insights with the wider virtual production community.

Epic MegaGrants, initiated by Epic Games in 2019, is a $100 million program designed to provide financial aid to creators utilizing Unreal Engine. The program's objective is to promote innovation and offer support to developers, artists, educators and professionals pushing the limits of real-time technology.

Since its launch, Epic MegaGrants has provided funding to over 1,800 individuals and organizations worldwide. The program encompasses a diverse range of projects, including: indie games, virtual reality experiences, film and animation initiatives, architectural visualizations and medical simulations.

About ICVR:

ICVR is a digital production studio focusing on game development, immersive experiences, and virtual production. We specialize in end-to-end interactive content creation, tools, and pipeline development using game engines.

ICVR is dedicated to helping advance the virtual production industry. We aim to continuously innovate and build tools that enable producers and creatives to deliver truly groundbreaking projects. Stay tuned for further updates on Lightfall and other exciting ventures from the ICVR team.


Sinan AlRubaye

Chief Experience Officer