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Challenge: Tostitos’ 5 Ways to Cinco commercial features 4 distinctly different locations and times of day. Shot traditionally, this would have required 2-3 days of shooting, and 6-8 weeks of VFX work in post-production. ICVR was hired to figure out a way to execute this project in one shoot day and minimize the post-production work through use of an LED volume and Unreal Engine.

Execution: ICVR used Unreal Engine to create 4 photorealistic virtual environments. We worked with Director Brigg Bloomquist to virtually scout the locations, block out shots, previs the shot setups, and visualize the virtual set in relation to the practical set and camera. On the shoot day, ICVR’s virtual production team operated the LED-wall, and managed content deployment and playback through Unreal Engine and Disguise.

Results: ICVR successfully achieved the goal of shooting the full commercial in one day, saving a tremendous amount of time vs. practical shooting and traditional post VFX. The client was extremely satisfied with this time and budget savings, as well as with the photorealistic quality of the environments and reflections. For the production team, it was incredibly useful creatively being able to visualize the final frame live on-set and make quick on-the-fly adjustments to the virtual environments.