Xtended Realities Podcast | #014 | VR Education w/ guest Taylor Freeman

We talk all things VR education-related on this week’s episode with special guest Taylor Freeman – co-founder of UploadVR We’ll also look at some of the latest industry news and market numbers. Learn from Taylor’s hands-on experience about what works and what doesn’t, what verticals present the best use cases for VR education, how it is currently being used most effectively, and what VR education will look like in the future.

0:00 – Intro with Taylor
1:07 – Superdata: 180k units in Q3, over 400k total before the holiday season
4:11 – Steam Hardware Survey
7:38 – PSVR2
9:50 LYNX-R1 14:04 Facebook acquires Scape
22:10 Taylor and Axon Park intro
28:27 5 Key Areas of Enterprise Training
45:06 Health and Safety
52:09 HR and Culture
56:44 – Soft Skills
1:06:25 – Technical Skills
1:09:04 – Operations and Compliance
1:12:13 – Obstacles 1:19:58 – Future of Axon Park
1:22:18 – Lightning Round!

Xtended Realities Podcast | #013 | Virtual Production with guest Adam Maier

Check out Half-Life: Alyx and more industry news in our latest podcast!

You heard that right! We’re going down the whole gamut of all the news in XR including a massive announcement from Valve, a rather unexpected acquisition from Oculus, the launch of Google Stadia, and yes, cows in VR.

Show Notes:
0:29 Half Life: Alyx
18:13: Boneworks VR
22:47 Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (VR Support??)
26:03 No Man’s Sky Updates
27:41 Google Stadia Launch Woes
35:49 SuperData- over 400,000 Oculus Quests sold
37:08 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales!!
38:02 Beat Games Sold to Oculus! But muh MODS!
44:54 VR For Cows??
50:36 Lightning Round

Xtended Realities Podcast | #012 | Virtual Production with guest Adam Maier

Today’s episode looks at Virtual Production practices for Hollywood motion pictures and more! Featuring special guest Adam Maier, of Fox VFX labs. We explain what virtual production is, why it’s so important in today’s film production, and how it uses emerging tech like VR to bring CGI sets to life onstage.

Xtended Realities Podcast | #011 | 360 Video Deep Dive

Today we look at the world of 360 Video- we tout it, we criticize it, we discuss the biggest market for it.  If anyone is going to attend SIGGRAPH 2019 this year, please come visit us in person at Booth #647/649 and try our Digital Human Project.


Xtended Realities Podcast | #010 | E3 XR News

A look at the recent events from E3 2019 as it relates to the XR community


Xtended Realities | 009 | The State of the VR Gaming Market

It’s time to have a current look at the state of the VR Gaming market, and make predictions as to where it’s headed.


Xtended Realities | #007 | The VR Locomotion Problem

What options does a VR designer have to allow players to move beyond their limited play area? This week we discuss some of the best (and worst) solutions available, and what we think works best.


Xtended Realities | #006 | Valve Index & New Oculus Headsets Reveal/Reviews

This week we saw final specs & some of the first reviews of not 1 but 3 new headsets – the Valve Index, Oculus Quest, and Oculus Rift S. We compile all this info and share it with you in this week’s podcast.


Xtended Realities | #005 | VR Game Discussion

In this episode we finally cover some of our favorite VR content! It’s a bit of a mix of older, more recent & upcoming content – both games & immersive entertainment. Most of the experiences we picked are stuff we really enjoyed and wanted to share with the community.


Xtended Realities | #004 | VR & AR News Recap from April

In this episode we break down all the latest XR news from the 1st half of April. We cover the Nintendo Switch Labo VR, the Valve Knuckles/Index Controllers driver update, PS5 hardware news & how it affects PSVR, Tiltbrush for Oculus Quest, and AR at Coachella.