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February 22, 2022

HPA Tech Retreat 2022

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NAB: Las Vegas 2022

Learn from the creators of virtual worlds what it takes to create convincing in-camera VFX. Join representatives from ICVR, Happy Mushroom, and Silver Spoon Animation to learn about the advantages and challenges of using virtual environments.

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After making news during the pandemic with revolutionary production techniques utilizing game engine backbone, virtual production is being hailed as the next “big thing” that will impact our entire, global industry. But before your company can ma

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Annecy Film Festival 2022

Particle Ink is an immersive mixed reality experience that combines street art, live performances, and XR technology. Conceived by creatives from Cirque du Soleil, it transports the viewer into a living graphic novel using the Unity real-time 3D d

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Siggraph 2022

We truly believe that Engineering Empowers Creatives and Creatives empower Engineering to innovate. Majority of these innovations come either to achieve a specific crazy idea or from a ridiculously tedious, and repetitive process to achieve necessary

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Unreal Fest 2022

Peek behind the curtain of a real-time CG production through a live demo from the perspective of an artist and producer. See the benefits of an Unreal Engine-centric workflow firsthand by exploring how ICVR's pipeline tools & automations eliminat

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NAB: Las Vegas 2023 - Session 2

Session: Perfect VAD Asset Workflow (and why nobody is doing that)

About Event: Let’s take a look on what VAD asset workflow would look like in the perfect world, what stops us of getting there, and how we can d

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