Senior 3D Animator


What to do:

  • – Control the quality of rigs and animations, give expert and detailed feedback to specialists;
  • – Independently create rigging, character animations and assettes;
  • – Interact with teams of artists and game designers;
  • – Participate in the planning and evaluation of deadlines together with the project manager;
  • – Improve and maintain team processes;
  • – Participate in the selection of a team, develop and give instructions to specialists in their field.

What is important for us:

  • – Expanded portfolio/demo reel;
  • – Good artistic taste, excellent skills in creating animation;
  • – Deep knowledge of the principles of high-quality animation;
  • – Advanced knowledge of rigging and skinning;
  • – Experience in working with manual and mocap animation;
  • – Experience in 3D animation, game or film industry;
  • – Understanding the processes of creating 3D animation for gaming and cinematic projects;
  • – Skills in simulating hair, fur, fabrics;
  • – Work in Maya, Blender;
  • – The ability and desire to create cool visual content;
  • – Good communication skills and ability to work in a team;
  • – English at the level of reading technical literature.

It will be a plus:

  • – Experience working with Unity, UE;
  • – Knowledge in the field of modeling and texturing;
  • – Traditional art skills, including sketching, illustration, concept art;
  • – Managerial work experience (Lead, Supervisor).


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