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We invest in hiring top talent and training them to take on any challenge. Now they’re ready to go to work on your project.

20% of our production time is spent
on R&D, and training team members

A wide talent pool with incredibly
diverse skill sets that includes:

Frontend development
Backend development
art & design
UI/UX design
2D Art
Graphic Design
3D Art
Product Design
the review
ICVR Interactive were thought partners who went above and beyond, and it was easy for our teams to work together.”
Feedback summary

They were the ideal team extension, enabling internal stakeholders to take on additional projects while accelerating sprint velocity. Responsive and transparent, the team delivered products that have garnered great success for clients.

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CEO, Marketing and Advertising
Los Angeles, California
the review
“They’re able to move through projects faster at a lower price point than local teams.”
Feedback summary

The team delivers solutions more effectively and efficiently than regional competitors, taking the place of the client’s local team. Each finished product significantly aids the company in advancing toward new markets. They were accommodating in adopting the client’s project management tools.

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CTO, Health, Wellness & Fitness
Ontario, Canada
the review
We’ve received positive feedback from peers and industry leaders; they’re all very excited about the app.”
Feedback summary

ICVR Interactive is a skilled and trustworthy team that remedies problems as quickly as possible. They’re transparent and communicative, clearly tracking and outlining project progress.

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Director of Strategy, Consumer Electronics
Los Angeles, California

VALUE-ADded - icvr methodology

feedback from integration test
Feedback from client

Continuous integration allows us to identify & fix build issues in real time.

Frequent builds allow the client to give constant feedback.

Hassle-free Development & Project Management

We’ve spent years honing our project management processes so that you don’t have to.

Clear documentation from ideation to postmortem

Clients have full access to our communication channels and task tracking, or we can fully integrate with yours

Interior code review by a team lead, and daily builds through continuous integration

In-depth bi-weekly reporting on project status, burn rate, development velocity, and more

Continuous integration allows us to identify & fix build issues in real time.

Frequent builds allow the client to give constant feedback.


VALUE-ADded - icvr methodology

Bulletproof Quality Assurance Lab

In-depth QA before weekly build delivery

Constant QA of every feature completed and daily code review

We run quality assurance testing at every step of the development process.

Multi-platform hardware testing to ensure maximum compatibility for all users

90 Days free bug fixing after final delivery

Constant feature QA & daily code review
In-depth QA before weekly build delivery
Multi-platform hardware testing
90-days free big-fixing after final delivery

AR App & Toy

Why was ICVR hired?

ICVR was brought in to design an build an educational app that interacts with a bluetooth-controlled physical toy using AR & computer vision
The client’s internal dev team was not capable of doing this and the project deadline was rapidly approaching.


Develop an AR educational game for kids with 4 separate minigames using AR & computer vision in a way not done before in the toy market

Gameplay had to be retroactively designed for a physical toy that was already produced

Tight 3-month production window


9+ people team of engineers, designers and artists started work immediately

Leverage proprietary tech to speed up development

Rapid R&D phase to define tech scope


Rapid reiteration of gameplay design based on client’s vision & playtesting feedback

Reverse engineered client’s existing code to integrate with code base

Large scale device compatibility testing


Hit final deadline delivery

Product picked up
by brick & mortar stores

Multiple Awards Won

Healthcare Technology Company

Why was ICVR hired?

Client’s product portfolio of hardware-enabled healthcare apps was rapidly expanding, and their internal dev team was unable to keep up with the pace.
They needed a highly diversified team to work between many different platforms and programming languages on a wide range of products.


6 unique projects with a diverse range of different apps and code skills required - Unity, Swift, Database/Backend C#, F#

Complex API linking products together securely to protect patient data

Integration with wide variety of medical hardware

Refactoring older apps with legacy code to work together with new API/backend


Create a project management and development structure for efficient collaboration between ICVR and client’s internal team

Employee training to comply with patient privacy laws

Design based on client needs the best way to setup backend/API structure


Development team rapidly grew from 4 to 8 engineers as client added new projects

Team worked directly with client’s CTO to execute product vision

ICVR did extensive R&D to help design and prototype new products for client


Client extremely pleased, now using ICVR team for all future development

Products helped generate millions of dollars in investment for client

Successfully delivered all products on deadline

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