Xtended Realities | #007 | The VR Locomotion Problem

Xtended Realities | #007 | The VR Locomotion Problem
by Chris Swiatek  |  1 May 2019

What options does a VR designer have to allow players to move beyond their limited play area? This week we discuss some of the best (and worst) solutions available, and what we think works best.

Xtended Realities is a podcast production of ICVR – a software development studio based in Los Angeles, CA that specializes in VR/AR & emerging tech.

00:48 – Explaining the VR locomotion problem

2:56 – Keeping the player in one place

5:46 – Cockpits and vehicles

10:33 – Controller-based movement

18:16 – Teleportation

23:02 – Self-propelled movement

24:18 – Treadmills and other hardware

29:55 – Redirected Walking…ing-vr-gtc-2018/

31:36 – Massive Playspaces

36:58 – Lightning Round

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